My First Café: Le VSL

October 24, 2019 2 min read

Mon Premier Café : Le VSL - Café Barista

Once Upon a Time...

When Ty Jeevaratnam, the owner of Café Le VSL was a child, she spent her summers baking with her grandmother. These beautiful memories would later turn into a passion for baking, one that she combined with her love for coffee when she opened her first café! Simply passing in front of the place stirs a desire to enter and discover the colourful and gourmet desserts found inside.

Steps Towards a First Café

The Perfect Spot

Ty opened her café on Ville Saint-Laurent, in the heart of the Vieux-Saint-Laurent district. This was naturally the choice spot for an ideal café location, and even more perfectly she grew up only a few minutes away. The name of her first café was thus in honor of the neighbourhood that she loves: VSL for Vieux-Saint-Laurent.

The Concept

The concept for Café Le VSL is simple and begins with Ty and her brother’s (who is also her business partner) shared goal: to have a place to gather and enjoy good times with family and friends. The addition of tasty specialty coffees and dreamy pastries, inspired by their grandmother's recipes, ensured that this would be a unique and worthwhile stop for anyone.

"The idea came to us because we wanted to create a space to gather with our friends and family, but also to open that space up to people in the neighbourhood."

VSL also stands out because of its flagship coffee: The Birthday Cake Latte! A latte with rainbow colours and a touch of magic in every sip.

The Coffee Selection

Eager to offer VSL customers quality coffee and looking for advice from a team of coffee experts, Ty met and quickly clicked with our crew. Selecting the coffee varieties to serve in a coffee shop is an important and exciting step after all and for VSL’s coffee, Ty thoughtfully chose the Cremone and the Decaffeinated options.

rainbow latte art at le vsl

Do you Dream of Opening a Café?

Is opening a café a dream that you’d like to make come true? Our team offers a unique turnkey service called ‘My First Café’. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs, who want to open their own café, realize their dreams. From conception to realization of your project our team will be by your side to guide you through the process, from choosing equipment to the kinds of coffee you’ll serve, and even including personalized barista training! Contact us to bring your dreams into reality!

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