Introducing Le Cornélien

October 17, 2018 2 min read

Présentation du Cornélien - Café Barista

Le Cornélien is a coworking café where people go to get out of isolation and drink good coffee in a friendly and bright atmosphere.

A Must-Visit Café

Le Cornélien’s cold brew is all the rage! Their cold brew is made from Dolce, a rich, light-bodied Guatemalan coffee with just a hint of acidity. They even use it as a base for cocktails at their events; give it a try!

A Signature Product

Their homemade muffins (so homemade they’re made by the owner’s own cousin) contain only local products and seasonal fruit. And they come in a variety of flavours.

The Origin of its Name

People often wonder where Le Cornélien got its name. The answer is pretty interesting. You may have realized it’s in reference to the Cornelian dilemma, which emerges in the work of playwright Pierre Corneille. A Cornelian dilemma is one that involves having to choose between two similar options.

The establishment, in the heart of La Petite-Patrie, puts a positive spin on this concept by combining the owner’s two greatest passions. His first passion is customer service in the food and coffee sector, and he has plenty of experience (he used to run a hostel). His second passion is bringing entrepreneurs together and working on various projects, having worked with several companies as a graphic designer. The result: a café and coworking space perfectly blended into one. Our Cornelian dilemma is deciding whether we should go there to have fun or to be productive.


We wondered what type of clientele this type of space might attract. It turns out that it’s popular both as a coworking space and as a spot for passersby to stop in for a coffee. Le Cornélien is more than big enough for coworking professionals and café customers to coexist in harmony.

The Neighbourhood

Le Cornélien is in the heart of La Petite-Patrie, an area brimming with restaurants and shops. The owner describes the neighbourhood as being in line with his values; with the environmental movement buzzing in the streets with its constant focus on zero waste. A café and coworking space seemed like the perfect addition.

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