Arhoma: Traditional Baking in Montreal

August 09, 2012 2 min read

Arhoma: boulangerie artisanale à Montréal - Café Barista

Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of counting a new member among our loyal retailers: the Arhoma traditional bakery. Once again, we’ve found an artisan that knows how to distinguish themselves with the quality of their products.

This bakery came into the world on August 24th, 2007. It has since opened a second store on rue Ontario, called La Fabrique Arhoma. This second location is actually mostly a production facility, since the rue Valois shop is in charge of baking twenty-three hours a day!

This ode to bread is also the tale of one lovely couple. Owner Ariane Beaumont always wanted to start her own business. After a trip to New York, she came back with the idea of opening a gourmet food shop and traditional bakery alongside her partner, an experienced baker.

In their shop on rue Valois, one can find a selection of unique and high-quality products, including oils, spices, and coffee. They also offer a wide selection of fine cheeses, but of course the house specialty is baked goods. Their particularity is creating unique products made exclusively from unconventional ingredients, like their original and delicious pistachio croissant! You can also stop in for a snack in their wonderfully comfortable shop. Their sandwiches and salads are just as delectable!

arhoma bakery

The La Fabrique shop on the corner of Ontario and Papineau is where you’ll find the bulk of their production facilities. The company built a solid reputation from the start and is now a supplier for several businesses and restaurants. You can even take a look at how things are done through their big shop windows. There’s also an area with goods for sale and a place to have a pleasing snack.

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