3 Espresso Martini recipes you NEED to try this summer

June 26, 2023 1 min read

3 recettes d'Espresso Martini que tu dois ABSOLUMENT essayer cet été - Café Barista

At Barista, when we're in the mood for a good cocktail, we know who to call! Club Local is THE go-to for discovering the many flavours of Quebec and, above all, for having a good time!

If you don't already know them, we urge you to try their products. Their selection of alcoholic beverages is as vast as it is delicious! No need to look any further; with Club Local, you're all set to stay up late!

If you stopped by to see us at Barista Fest, you may have had a chance to try their latest Espresso Martini recipes featuring the different flavours of Cremaglace, a creamy alcoholic beverage perfect for the summer season!

Luckily for us (and you 😉 ), they agreed to share the recipes with us!

Classic Vanilla Espresso Martini

@baristamtl Recette d’Espresso Martini Vanille Classique.🍦 Gracieuseté de nos amis de chez Club Local! Cheers! 🍸 #espresso #martini #espressomartini #cocktail ♬ Martini - Muspace Lofi
  • 1 oz White Keys Vodka

  • 2 oz Vanilla Cremaglace

  • 3 oz of espresso

Espresso Martini Coco-Choco

@baristamtl Espresso Martini Coco-Choco. 🥥🍫 Recette de nos amis de chez Club Local! Cheers! 🍸 #espresso #martini #espressomartini #cocktail #barista ♬ Martini
  • 1 oz of Sainte-Marie Coconut Rum

  • 2 oz Chocolate Milk Ice Cream

  • 3 oz Espresso

Espresso Martini Pistachio-Orange

@baristamtl Recette d’Espresso Martini créée par nos amis de chez Club Local! Cheers! ✨ #espresso #martini #espressomartini #cocktail #barista ♬ Martini
  • 1 oz Triple Sec Les Îles

  • 2 oz Cremaglace Pistachio

  • 3 oz of espresso

Happy tasting! Don't hesitate to tell us which one is your favourite! 🍸

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