Hario Skerton Grinder

The Hario Skerton portable hand grinder may be small and lightweight but its conical ceramic burrs are very effective.

We could go back thousands of years, to when humans began grinding different foods to use as paint, dye for their clothes, or seasoning for their meals. But if we skip ahead to the 18th century, Diderot and d’Alembert’s famous Grande Encyclopédie of the sciences, arts, and trades, spoke of a small tool that could be used to grind coffee, a new drink that was very fashionable in Paris at the time. Today, companies use great ingenuity, cutting-edge technologies, and revolutionary materials to compete and satisfy the most exacting coffee afficionados.

The Skerton grinder was designed for travellers who absolutely love coffee, but it is also for anyone who simply enjoys a good cup of coffee at work, at home, at the cottage, or really anywhere! It is perfect to take along with you on camping trips since you grind the beans manually, the old-fashioned way. Weighing only 457 g, you can slip it into your bag or suitcase and bring it with you wherever you roam.

This grinder boasts a simple yet extremely effective system: the conical ceramic burrs ensure good bean restriction and grind precision. The Skerton can produce a coarse grind for use in a coffee press all the way to a fine grind for Turkish coffee. It has a grinding capacity of about 100 g.

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