Bellucci Artista

2,795.00$ to 2,995.00$
Discover the brand new Bellucci Artista! Offering exceptional finishing quality, each espresso machine is meticulously handcrafted in Milan, Italy, using top-of-the-line professional components. The Artista stands out with its elegant wooden touches and innovative ergonomic design. Designed for coffee enthusiasts, the Bellucci Artista is the only fully manual machine in the Bellucci range, providing an authentic and personalized experience with each brew. With its compact and stylish design, this machine perfectly embodies the combination of style, durability, and quality. Furthermore, it is one of the most compact E61 machines on the market, with a width of only 9 inches.

A prestigious walnut wood set

What particularly distinguishes the Bellucci Artista is its beautiful walnut wood elements that bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to its design. Furthermore, it is equipped with a range of innovative ergonomic elements that enhance your experience, allowing you to prepare your coffee with ease and precision. The wooden elements, as well as the stainless steel and brass used for the machine, ensure outstanding craftsmanship and provide a "luxury" finish to your coffee experiences.

A fully manual Bellucci

Unlike other machines in the Bellucci range, the Artista is entirely manual. The manual process provides a more immersive and engaging experience. Each step of coffee preparation becomes an opportunity to explore and refine your art, adding another dimension to the enjoyment of your coffee. The Bellucci Artista also features a steam wand that can be used simultaneously with espresso extraction, allowing you to prepare your caffeinated beverages more efficiently!

Technical specifications

Machine type: Manual espresso machine
Dimensions (L x H x P) : 23 cm(9") x 43cm(17") x 40 cm(16")
Weight: 23 kg
Voltage : 1300 W
Water source: 2.5 liter tank
Pump pressure: up to 15 bar
Start-up time: 20 minutes
Filter holder size: 58mm
Warranty: 1 year
Materials: Stainless steel, solid brass, wood
Accessories included in the box: Single filter holder, Double filter holder, Tamper (coffee press)

A word on the manufacturer

Bellucci offers espresso machines with exceptional value for money. Their automatic machines are among the most affordable ones available on the market. However, in providing such machines, Bellucci never loses sight of a very specific goal: to offer incredible coffee, as simply as possible, in every cup.