Rocket R58 Cinquantotto

Equipped with two boilers and a PID, the R58 Cinquantotto offers ultimate freedom in customization. Separate boilers allow you to adjust the temperature of the espresso extraction without affecting the steam. This system therefore gives you unmatched control over how your espresso is extracted. You can also draw out different flavour profiles based on minute changes to the water temperature.

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pid de la machine espresso r58 cinquantotto espresso machine

Technology and Simplicity

With this machine’s touchscreen and intuitive menu options, it has never been easier to personalize your coffee experience! Select the temperature of each boiler with a simple interface. The R58’s PID is also the only member of the Rocket line that allows you to schedule when your machine turns on and off. You can set this timer individually for each day of the week, so you can finally sleep in on weekends!

steam valve rocket r58 cinquantotto espresso machine

Impressive Build: 64 lbs of Steel and Brass

When it comes to espresso machines, the Rocket brand is synonymous with unparalleled material quality. Its timeless design, chassis, steel case, brass E61 brew group, and rotary pump mean it is built to last generations.

Technical specifications

Pump type: rotation
Made in: Italy
Height: 42.5cm
Width: 31cm
Depth: 44cm
Weight: 64 lbs
Number of boilers: 2
Boiler capacity: 0.58 L - coffee, 1.7 L - steam
Pressure: 9 bar
Filter holder diameter: 58 mm
Infuser group: E61
Heating element: double kettle
Temperature control: probe
Boot time: 20 minutes
Water source: tank or direct water connection
Tank capacity: 2.5L
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Materials: metal, plastic PID
Colors: stainless steel
Accessories included in the box: single filter holder, double filter holder, full basket, coffee press (tamper), cleaning tablets, cleaning brush, paper and usb manual, hose for water connection

A word on the manufacturer

Rocket combines the ideas of a New Zealander and an Italian to produce machines that brew some of the best espresso in the world in every cup. Rocket machines are also closely linked to the cycling community. Almost 350 of the world’s best cyclists have the opportunity to start each morning with a coffee made by a Rocket machine.
The Italian company manufactures all its machines entirely by hand in Milan. Since 2007, Rocket has been considered a leading brand for both residential and commercial machines used in homes and cafés around the world.

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