Rocket Cronometro Mozzafiato Type V

This semi-professional Rocket machine adds a PID to the body of the already impressive Appartamento model. It includes a temperature control system to ensure the temperature is stable shot after shot. The Mozzafiato delivers the perfect balance of accuracy, durability and excellence.

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Type V : Vibration Pump

Equipped with a vibration pump, the Mozzafiato Type V provides exceptional extraction at home. With the right maintenance, the proven durability of this pump will give you coffees at home every day for years to come!

pid rocket mozzafiato espresso machine


This machine provides consistent heat, espresso after espresso, even more accurately than the Appartamento, thanks to its PID (proportional integral derivative) system paired with a probe. This system allows your machine to maintain a consistent water temperature. Instead of heating the water, shutting off, then turning back on when the temperature falls too low, the Mozzafiato system keeps the water at the same temperature at all times. Furthermore, the probe can read the water temperature more accurately, which means you can enjoy all the potential the PID has to offer.

Technical specifications

Pump type: vibration
Made in: Italy
Height: 40 cm
Width: 28 cm
Depth: 42 cm
Weight: 60 lbs
Number of boilers: 1
Boiler capacity: 1.8 L
Pressure: 9 bar
Filter holder diameter: 58 mm
Infuser group: E61
Heating element: heat exchanger
Temperature control: pressure switch
Boot time: 15 minutes
Water source: tank
Tank capacity: 3 L
Warranty: 2 years parts and labor
Materials: metal
Colours: stainless steel
Accessories included in the box: single filter holder, double filter holder, full basket, coffee press (tamper), cleaning tablets, cleaning brush, paper and usb manual

A word on the manufacturer

Rocket combines the ideas of a New Zealander and an Italian to produce machines that brew some of the best espresso in the world in every cup. Rocket machines are also closely linked to the cycling community. Almost 350 of the world’s best cyclists have the opportunity to start each morning with a coffee made by a Rocket machine.
The Italian company manufactures all its machines entirely by hand in Milan. Since 2007, Rocket has been considered a leading brand for both residential and commercial machines used in homes and cafés around the world.