Rocket Fausto Grinder

Ever loyal to its firm's reputation, the Rocket Fausto grinder provides exceptional grind quality thanks to its large flat 65 mm steel burrs and the impeccable finish of its massive cast aluminum case. Its touch screen and adjustment knob provide the ability to control your grind with the utmost precision.

If you own a magnificent Rocket machine, then it’ll make a great combination, thanks to their matching design!

Matte Black
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What Are Flat Burrs?

Rocket's Faustino grinder is designed with flat steel burrs to provide the perfect espresso grind. Compared to conical burrs, flat burrs yield a more consistent grind, which ensures more precise brewing control. This type of burr also produces less static electricity, reducing clumping and allowing for better grind distribution inside the portafilter. Thanks to its several available colours (copper, Appartamento copper, Appartamento white, matte black), the Faustino will fit perfectly with all Rocket espresso machine models, although it looks particularly good next to an Appartamento model of the same design.

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Unrivalled Precision Control

Thanks to its micrometric adjustment knob, the Faustino ensures virtually infinite precision in deciding grind coarseness. It allows you to get the perfect grind for each cup of espresso, regardless of the kind of coffee you're using.
The Faustino's touch screen offers three customizable settings: single espresso, double espresso, or continuous dosage on a timer. There's no longer any need to estimate grind duration, you will get the right dose each time it is activated. What's more, the dosing funnel helps reduce mess and waste by preventing the coffee grounds from overflowing while entering the portafilter.

Technical specifications

Height: 44.5cm
Width: 17.2cm
Depth: 28.2cm
Weight: 25 lbs
Made in: Italy
Grinding wheel materials: reinforced steel
Grinding wheel type: flat
Wheel diameter: 65 mm
type: automatic
Rotation speed: 1650 rpm
Tank materials: plastic
Leg materials: steel
Tank capacity: 320g
Custom grind time: yes, via touch screen
Voltage: 110V
Colors: matte black, chrome
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Included in the box: user guide, portafilter fork, grinder, bean container

A word on the manufacturer

Rocket combines the ideas of a New Zealander and an Italian to produce machines that brew some of the best espresso in the world in every cup. Rocket machines are also closely linked to the cycling community. Almost 350 of the world’s best cyclists have the opportunity to start each morning with a coffee made by a Rocket machine.
The Italian company manufactures all its machines entirely by hand in Milan. Since 2007, Rocket has been considered a leading brand for both residential and commercial machines used in homes and cafés around the world.

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