Set of Reusable Towels

This three-pack set of reusable towels was created with the amazing Québécois company KLIIN. They’re great for keeping your home coffee nook clean! Made with 100% natural fibres, each towel is machine washable up to 300 times. They can be composted at the end of their lifespans and will break down in 28 days. Cleaning your coffee nook has never been so eco-friendly!

This pack includes 3 towels, each featuring a different design (Barista logo, breakfast time, and Barista mural)

  • Size: 6.75″ x 8″
  • Colour: Black and white
  • Materials: 100% natural – 70% cellulose, 30% cotton

Limited quantity available!

Washing instructions: wash your towels in the washing machine, but do not dry them in the dryer. Simply let them dry flat on the counter.

*Free delivery within Québec and Ontario with the purchase of at least one kilo of coffee, or with the purchase of at least 1.5 kg for the rest of Canada.

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