Bellucci Slim Caffè

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Say hello to an automatic machine that makes the perfect espresso every morning! This machine impresses with its ability to consistently make a delicious cup of coffee at the push of a button. But don’t be fooled by its size; while it has a small footprint, it houses an oversized coffee group! And the coffee group is removable to make cleaning your machine a breeze. What’s more, the height of the spout on the front can be adjusted to between 80 and 160 mm to prevent splash.

coffee beans in espresso machine bellucci slim caffe compartiment à grains de cafe

Integrated grinder

Offering 5 grind settings, customize your extraction to perfection! You can now tell the machine exactly how you what your beans to be ground.

bellucci slim caffee logo espresso machine

5 drinks in one touch

The Bellucci Slim Caffè can serve you 5 different drinks, all accessible from the front panel with a single touch. Choose from espresso, double, lungo, americano and hot water. No distractions, get your new favorite coffee instantly.

Technical specifications

Machine type : Automatic for espresso
Made in: Italy
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 17.8 cm x 39.6 cm x 32 cm
Weight : 7.8 kg
Voltage : 120V - 60Hz 1350W
Water source : 1.2L reservoir
Beans capacity : 175g
Pump pressure : 19 bars
Drinks variety : 5
Warranty : 2 years

A word on the manufacturer

Bellucci offers espresso machines with an exceptional quality for the price. The automatic machines are from the most affortable in the market. By offering machines like these, Bellucci doesn't loose its goal though: to make incredible coffee, in the simplest way possible, in every cup.