Bellucci Espresso Bar

Discover the Bellucci Espresso Bar. The Espresso Bar is specially designed to offer you an exceptional coffee experience worthy of a barista. Equipped with a professional 58 mm stainless steel filter holder. The Espresso Bar lets you create the perfect coffee every time. Its superior stainless steel casing and professional Ulka pump from Italy ensure exceptional durability, and its large 1.7-liter reservoir means long use!

2-year warranty
Receive a free 1-month subscription, up to a maximum of 1 kg of coffee, with the purchase of this machine.

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Advanced pre-infusion technology

Pre-infusion is a crucial stage in the espresso extraction process. It consists in evenly wetting the ground coffee before full pressure is applied to extract the espresso. The Bellucci Espresso Bar machine uses advanced technology to precisely control this stage. By saturating the ground coffee evenly and allowing it to rest for a short period before full extraction, this technology enables more even extraction of the coffee's aromas and flavors. This leads to a more balanced, richer-flavored espresso, with better extraction of the natural oils present in the coffee beans.

Precise temperature control

Water temperature is one of the most critical factors in espresso extraction. Inadequate temperature can lead to under- or over-extraction of the coffee, which adversely affects the taste of the espresso. The Bellucci Espresso Bar machine features a sophisticated heating system that maintains a constant and precise temperature throughout the extraction process. This ensures that the water always reaches the optimum temperature to extract the coffee's aromas and oils without burning or altering them. Thanks to this precise temperature control, every cup of espresso produced by the Bellucci Espresso Bar is of exceptional quality and consistency, offering an unrivalled sensory experience for coffee lovers.

Technical specifications

Machine type: Semi-automatic espresso machine
Dimensions (W x H x D): 230 x 285 x 325mm
Weight: 8kg
Voltage : 120V - 60Hz 1400W
Water source : 1.7L tank
Pump pressure : 15 bars
Start-up time: instantaneous
Filter holder size: 58mm
Warranty: 2 years
Materials: Stainless steel
Accessories included in the box: Professional coffee press, pressurized filters x 2, regular filters x 2, coffee spoon, rinsing disc, cleaning brush.

A word on the manufacturer

Bellucci offers espresso machines with exceptional value for money. Their automatic machines are among the most affordable available on the market. Bellucci's goal in offering these machines is clear: to deliver incredible coffee, as simply as possible, in every cup.