À Mi-Chemin (Halfway)


The Halfway Blend was created by Barista to provide an option in-between regular and decaffeinated coffee. The blend was designed for people who are looking for a delicious product with a little less caffeine, either because they want to reduce their caffeine intake, or because they prefer to drink it later in the day.

The Halfway Blend is also intended to support the mission of the non-profit organization Soberlab, which aims to provide education on and popularize an alcohol-free lifestyle. A portion of the profits from the sale of this blend will be donated to Soberlab to support their activities.

Discover this delicious coffee with notes of molasses and hazelnuts.

Un sac d'espresso Cremone de café barista, posé sur une machine à espresso Rocket Appartamento. Un espresso vient d'être extrait dans une tasse. On y voit une crema riche et onctueuse.

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Une tasse de café présentant un latte, le dessin en latte art est une rosetta

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