Matera Nordic Rum Coffee

12 Avis
Livraison gratuite à 1 kg*

LIMITED EDITION | Created as part of our collaboration with the passionate Matera Brasseurs team, this medium-dark roast coffee is unique because the Brazilian beans are aged in oak barrels. After several weeks in Mitis Distillery’s Rhum Nordique barrels in Mont-Joli, Quebec, these coffee beans offer tasting notes of ripe fruit and roasted almond.

Size of 250 g. Available as beans only. This coffee is ideal for manual brewing like the portafilter or the Chemex!

Hurry! This coffee is only available in limited quantities.

*Free delivery in Quebec and Ontario with the purchase of one kilo or more of coffee, or with the purchase of 1.5 kilos of coffee for the rest of Canada. There is a flat fee of $8 for all other orders.

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*Livraison gratuite au Québec et en Ontario à l'achat d'un kilo et plus de café ou à l'achat de 1.5 kilos pour le reste du Canada.
Frais de 8$ pour toute autre commande.