Eureka Mignon Facile Grinder

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The Eureka Mignon Facile is definitely one of the easiest grinders to use. It has a single button on the front, so all you need to do is insert your portafilter, and out comes your ground coffee! With 55-mm flat reinforced steel burrs, you can enjoy your coffee with peace of mind: this grinder has unbelievable durability! At 1350 rpm, it certainly runs fast enough to use at home. No gadgetry will distract you from grinding your beans to perfection on this grinder, which is built entirely by hand in Florence, Italy.

Quiet Mornings

This grinder has vibration-dampening technology that reduces its volume by about 20 decibels compared to other grinders, which means you can grind your morning coffee every day without worrying about waking up the household.

Anti-Clump and Anti-Static

100% of the coffee ground between the burrs of this grinder ends up in your portafilter. Thanks to Eureka’s ACE system, your grinder is easy to clean, since it prevents electrostatic forces from making your coffee stick in the grinder. This technology eliminates the ground coffee’s electrostatic charge so that it falls neatly into your portafilter, giving you a full and even grind with each use.

Technical specifications

Height: 35cm
Width: 17cm
Depth: 11cm
Weight: 12 lbs
Made in: Italy
Grinding wheel materials: reinforced steel
Grinding wheel type: flat
Wheel diameter: 55 mm
type: manual
Rotation speed: 1350 rpm
Tank materials: plastic
Leg materials: steel
Tank capacity: 300g
Voltage: 120V
Colors: black
Warranty: 1 year parts and labor
Additional accessories included in the box: user guide, portafilter fork, grinder, bean container

A word on the brand

Founded in 1920, this Italian company continues to innovate in the field of coffee grinders, even after a century in the business. Its grinders are built entirely by hand by artisans in Florence, Italy, making Eureka one of the biggest players not only in the field of espresso grinders, but also in the whole coffee industry. Basically, as you well know, a great coffee starts with a perfect grind, and you’ll be able to touch perfection with these Italian grinders.