Hario V60 Dripper


The dripper is used to make “pour-over” coffee, which is not only tasty, but also quick and ridiculously easy to brew. This brewing system is also ideal when brewing premium or single-origin coffees, as it brings out the subtle flavours in the beans. Plus, for the results it delivers, the filter holder is very inexpensive. 

The Hario V60-02 dripper requires the use of Hario V-60 filters, available here. You should choose a (coarse) filter grind for this brewing system, because the coffee and water are in contact for quite a long time. This is because there is only one hole at the base of the object, which is great for regulating the flow, but makes coffee brewing a little trickie. The filter holder allows you to make up to 240 ml of coffee at a time in less than two minutes, and is made from ceramic — an effective material for retaining the heat of the liquid. 

Made in Japan.

The dripper (or filter holder) is an interesting manual brewing system for coffee lovers who want to prepare a single cup of delicious coffee.

V60-01: ideal for preparing one cup of coffee (8 to 10 oz)

V60-02: ideal for preparing two cups of coffee (16 oz)