Ascaso Dream PID

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The Ascaso Dream PID has a unique aesthetic. Made with wood and aluminium, it definitely turns heads! More than simply beautiful, this machine has a retro feel and pulls exceptional espressos at an unbeatable price-to-quality ratio! That’s just one of the reasons why we decided to add it to our product catalogue! The wood incorporated into its portafilter handle and steam wand dial makes it feel incredible in your hands! Equipped with a Thermoblock system, this machine provides particularly precise pressure, as well as consistent heat. Combining elegance with sturdiness, the Dream PID will stay with you throughout the years, and will keep serving up smooth espressos every single day.

groupe infuseur de la machine espresso ascaso dream pid espresso machine group head

Spanish Elegance

Assembled entirely by hand in the heart of Barcelona, Ascaso’s signature craftmanship offers a stunning machine crafted from wood and aluminium. Its exquisite look, proudly showcasing its history and timeless beauty, makes a wonderful addition to any kitchen.

porte filtre de la machine espresso ascaso dream pid espresso machine portafilter wand

Combining Technology and Durability

With 25 inspection points at the Ascaso factory in Barcelona, you can rest assured that your Dream PID will pull espressos perfectly for years to come. In addition to its ability to endure kitchen conditions, this Spanish-built machine uses a PID (proportional integral derivative) system. This system is common in high-end machines, whereby it replaces the thermostat and keeps your water at a consistent temperature. Unlike other machines, which heat the water to the desired temperature, turn off, and then turn back on if the temperature falls too low, the Dream system maintains a consistent water temperature. The result is a better espresso every time.

Technical specifications

Pump: vibration
Made in: Spain
Height: 34.5 cm
Width: 24.3 cm
Depth: 28 cm
Weight: 7.7 kg
Pressure: 100 kPa
Portafilter diameter: 58 mm
Group: Thermoblock
Temperature control: adjustable in increments of 1 degree with the PID
Startup time: 5 minutes
Water source: reservoir
Reservoir: 1.3 L
Power: 110 V
Materials: aluminium and wood
Warranty: 1 year on the machine, 3 years on the brew group
Colours: black, white, grey, anthracite
Accessories included in the box: double portafilter, double basket, single basket, single and double pressurized basket, Senseo® basket (Europe), double tamper, decalcifying pod.

A word on the manufacturer

In the 1950s, Jesús Ascaso left his small village in the mountainous region of Huesca, Spain. With just 3,000 pesetas in his pocket (about $280 today), the entrepreneur went to Barcelona to work in the espresso industry. In 1962, he launched his own brand, Ascaso. The company initially focused on manufacturing spare parts for espresso machines. Later on, his son took the next step by producing the complete machines that we know today, and grew the brand to markets in over 95 countries.
Adapted from the official Ascaso website.