Becoming Barista Certified

The Barista certification is a complete, step by step, training program that allows you to develop all the skills needed to offer exceptional specialty coffee and out of this world service in a real life context.

What’s the certification?

The certification is the result of 16 hours of private training and consulting, in a period of one to two months. Exclusive to Barista customers, it ensures the highest levels of service and quality to the end user, during his visit in a coffee shop with a certified barista.

What are the certification steps?

Step 1

During the first half day training, at Barista, the P-101 and P-101.1 are given. The first one is about espresso extraction and microfoam production, while the second one is a deep-dive specialization on grinder adjustment.

Step 2

Then, the second one (P-102), still at Barista, is exclusively on latte art, with a strong emphasis on hands on practice. The number of designs mastered at the end of this training will vary for everyone, but most of our students are able to create the heart and rosetta at the end of the training.

Step 3

When these trainings are done, the barista following the certifications steps will practice his newly acquired skills at his place of work, before receiving the P-103 training. This full day training takes place at the place of work of the Certified Barista to be, and focuses on ensuring the previously learned skills are mastered in a real context. Workplace ergonomics and productivity will also be the subject of this training.

Step 4

Then, after another period of self-practice, a quality control visit will be made to give final tips and tricks to the future Certified Barista. After this visit, the Barista Certification will be offered to the barista and its place of work. Of course, our support doesn’t end there : our regular training sessions are still available to any new members of the team.

How to become Barista Certified?

The Barista Certified program, a value of more than 1 200 $, is offered free of charge to a select number of Barista customers every year. To participate in this exclusive program, please contact us to know if there are any available spots.

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