At Barista, our priorities have always focused on sharing our knowledge and nurturing the long-term growth of our local coffee culture.

The National Barista Institute is a natural extension of these important priorities.

With programs for the general public and professionals alike, we give you access to expert instructors, facilities and equipment so you can discover the various facets of the great world of coffee. The Institute will take you to the next level, where you can explore coffee, from bean to cup, and everything in between.

Learn, master, impress!


Barista Workshops

The Workshops are designed for everyone, from the skilled barista to the amateur coffee lover, who wishes to learn more about the world of coffee and its preparation.

  • R-101 – Espresso 101
  • R-102 – Latte art
  • R-201 – Tasting & Manual Brewing Techniques

Professional Barista training

Are you an experienced barista, a restaurant owner or a beginner wishing to become an expert?

  • P-101 – Espresso, Extraction & Microfoam
  • P-102 – Professional Latte Art
  • Customized Training

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