Editorial policy

Welcome to the “coffeegang” blog, where you’ll find articles written by me, Alex Sereno, a.k.a. the “coffeeguy.” As you can see, I write blog posts about all things coffee. I’ve been doing so for 7 years now. Over this time, I have refined the content to make sure it aligns with our editorial policy, since this is, after all, a corporate blog.

On our blog, you will discover all the little coffee secrets and learn more about the adventures of our loveable team. Of course, because we are coffee enthusiasts, you will also find a great deal of information on this subject (vidéos, tutorials, etc.). Did you know that we wrote the book, Guide du barista and created the Institut national du barista ?

If you’re wondering why we add Communications to our mission, it’s because we also have a communications department specialized in the food industry. You’ll find content related to the wonderful world of food marketing, including design, Web, social media, packaging and more.

Lastly, the foodies among you will love the activities of our gastronomy-related platform, On s’en food (in French only).

We welcome your comments and questions. Just send them along to alex@cafebarista.ca

Looking forward to hearing from you

– Alex

You can also read my sports blog “Sports et affaires” at alexsereno.com and on our gastronomy website at onsenfood.com (in French only).