Mobile espresso bar

Barista’s mobile espresso bar is a key element to make your event more dynamic. The service includes a professional barista, a complete mobile coffeeshop and all we need to prepare hundreds of specialty coffee.

bar à espresso mobile

Premium quality coffee

You can choose the coffee you prefer within our different coffee blends.


Customer service

Our professional baristas are as nice as talented. It’s absolutely certain that your public will love them!


Customized service

The service is perfectly customizable! Depending on your needs, we will have everything we need to make hundreds of specialty coffee!

Our mobile espresso bar service


Barista’s special event management is in high demand from corporate and sporting organizations that needs a pleasant adding to their events. The professionalism we show has brought us to many events from wide organizations including Véro & Louis Foundation, Rythme FM, Cycling Canada, Rouge Marketing ad Laurentian Bank. For promotional and large-scale events, it’s also possible to have the complete services for free.

Nothing is simpler than booking the mobile espresso bar if it’s available. One call or one email to Eric, head barista and the bar is yours!

The espresso bar is customizable, and what we serve tout. This elegant espresso bar can be ready within an hour after we arrive at your event. The number of Rocket Espresso machines, baristas and cups of coffee are planned for your needs. We take care of everything, the only thing we need is electricity.

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