Because you’re working at the office does not mean you should compromise on coffee. Coffee is the fuel to get through the day! Our coffee break service provides you with a personalized service : not only to get the best coffee, which is a freshly roasted and delivered free to your office, but also top quality equipment! And the good news is you can get a corporate discount depending on the volume of purchases.

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Café Barista inc.

111A de Louvain Street West
Montreal, Qc
H2N 1A3
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Quality coffee

You can choose the coffee you prefer among our different blends. Different taste profiles for different types of coffee lovers! One thing is certain, we have the best espresso for you!


Customer service

We want our service to be as good as our coffee. We are always available to answer your questions, in addition to being able to customize and facilitate the details of your orders.


Free shipping

The coffee you receive will have been roasted in the week before the reception. Thanks to an efficient delivery service! You will always receive the freshest coffee directly to your office.


Your coffee is undrinkable, so bad it seems like torture each time? And even if it is drinkable, you know you deserve better? Times are changing! Coffee should make all the difference at work. The coffee break is a special moment to cherish a few times a day to take a break and chat with coworkers. It is an important detail in the office life and it shouldn’t be compromised.

Gone are the days where your employees have to stop at a coffee shop every morning: they will use the coffee machine themselves while chatting about the week’s ongoing projects, and appreciate the gesture. In this era of high employee turnover, every detail to improve office life makes a difference. Choose Barista and simplify your life with our turnkey solution. Once you taste our coffees, you won’t be able to go through your day without us!


When you choose Barista, you choose not only the quality of our coffee, but also efficient and reliable equipment and maintenance. We are lucky to have Rocket espresso machines imported directly from Italy. They are top quality and allow the best possible extraction of our coffees. To choose Barista and to have a Rocket espresso machine is more than having amazing specialty coffees every day: it’s about making a statement that you want the best for both your team and your customers. It is to give yourself a head start! Aim for nothing less than excellence: invest in a Rocket Espresso machine and position your company as a high end place to work for and do business with.

Give yourself the chance to drink the best coffee every day and have the machine that will give you the coffee you really deserve! Contact us to discuss your project so that we can offer you a turnkey solution.

If you are more interested in an automatic machine, we can also refer you to a specialist.

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Café Barista inc.

111A, de Louvain street West
Montréal, Qc
H2N 1A3
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1 877.381.8170


Our clients love Barista

M.A L’Allier

At M.A L’Allier RP, coffee is a serious thing. We like full-bodied coffee. That’s why we love the Cremone! The Barista team is always there to answer our questions, besides… We love Barista!

Laurence Vallerand


We have been drinking Café Barista’s products for two years now and our employees and customers have never been so happy! Not only do we have quality coffee directly at our offices every week, but the ordering, delivery and maintenance services are perfect, faultless!

Rachel Côté


Our team is always more motivated and happy after a good cup of Barista coffee! It is fresh and delicious! We are also very pleased about the online order services. It’s easy and efficient! A few clicks and it’s settled!

Manon Rouanet

Satisfaction for more than 50 offices in Montreal!