The ultimate coffee experience requires the use of coffee accessories as elegant as they are thoughtful. When it comes to travel cups, KeepCups and Frank Green’s SmartCups are exceptional. These two companies are conducting awareness campaigns thanks to their product. They have understood that in order to reach their goal – to reduce the waste of disposable cups – it should be necessary to propose a product as attractive for the consumer’s eye as it is practical.

Several features of these two cups are thought out to facilitate their integration into everyday life. They are designed to fit in the majority of cupholders and to fit underneath the portafilters of espresso machines. The built-in sleeve of the KeepCup and the cylindrical shape of the SmartCup are both elements that are thought to maximize comfort at home. Here is a glance at the two Australian initiatives.

Keep Cup

The company’s goal is to increase the use of take-out cups to reach 40% of prepared beverages. This initiative is led by a brother and a sister and the idea originated when the sister warmed her baby’s bottle and thought to herself about how absurd it would be to use disposable baby bottles – before she realized that she threw away the equivalent in cups of coffee.

She and her brother had the idea to create travel mugs that could win the hearts of consumers enough to reduce the waste of disposable cups by improving the format, material, and appearance. A product that could carry a specialty beverage in addition to ensuring comfort, ergonomics, and design.

Frank Green’s SmartCup

The SmartCup is one of the most practical cups on the market while also presenting an innovative design. It’s completely airtight, in addition to having a snap with enough resistance that prevents the cup from opening accidentally. Convenient features include the non-slip surface and materials that don’t preserve the flavour of the beverage. As a result, we only taste our current coffee and not the others before.

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