Discovering Ma Station Boba & Café in Saint-Sauveur (in Québec City)

February 09, 2015 2 min read

Café Ma Station

Breweries have dozens (if not more) of beers on tap, right? So why not have seven coffee grinders in one coffee shop? This is what you’ll find at Ma Station café, in the neighbourhood of Saint-Sauveur, in Québec City.

After a few months in business, after opening in 2015, Ma Station's owner Dominic decided to offer his customers the opportunity to try all of his coffees; the seven blends! To do this, he acquired seven Fiorenzato 64E grinders. It took quite the investment, but this reflects this coffee specialist's seriousness of purpose, and he doesn't take his duties lightly! Another important duty for Ma Station was to work with a Quebec-based micro-roastery in order to offer the finest in local products for its customers.

What that Means

Of course, this requires good training and careful attention to equipment maintenance. Adjusting a grinder is an expertise that can't be developed solely from an instruction manual; it takes time, experience, passion and, most importantly, a thorough understanding of what grinding entails and what it means to make the perfect espresso.

Because the grind, and we can't stress this enough, is the foundation of the espresso; the beans must be fresh and expertly roasted and the machine must be top-notch, but the grind is where the magic really happens. And not just with espresso: in a French press, a dripper, a Chemex, or even in the most basic of filter coffee makers, if the grind isn't right the coffee won’t be either!

Additionally, grinders of this value, and in such a quantity, naturally require increased maintenance. If the number of grinders is inversely proportional to the use of each device (read: the more grinders, the less use out of each of them), it does not mean that maintenance will be less rigorous. You still need to choose the proper products, use them wisely, and make sure that all the parts are still in good condition regularly.

Meticulous: From Cup to Plate

Dominic is also responsible for the dining room and kitchen. In this section, as in the coffee section, the emphasis is on the freshness and quality of the ingredients. If you pay a visit to Ma Station, you can sit at one of the forty seats and enjoy a homemade meal (don't pass on the waffles). Of course, coffee is included in some of the recipes! With so much variety available in store, there are even more possibilities to explore in the kitchen. Vegans and vegetarians will also find something to enjoy in this seasonal menu.

In 2022, the business decided to give its image a makeover, which included its boutique and the products they offer. And now there are pearl teas (more popularly known as boba or bubble tea)!

Next time you’re in Québec City, stop by Ma Station, a go-to spot when visiting the neighbourhood of Saint-Sauveur! We'll meet you at 161 rue Saint-Vallier Ouest, Québec!

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