Customized fundraiser campaign

Whether you have a project in mind, an event to fund or a cause you want to support, we can help. It’s through your customized fundraiser campaigns that Barista can get involved in its community as we offer fundraising options for non-profit organizations. Our marketing department can also create customized branded coffee bags for your project, and give you our wholesale cost so you can make the most of your campaign.

How to fund your campaign ?

Selling coffee is an original way for you to raise funds. Plus, there is a lot of advantages with doing so, the coffee being something that we buy on a daily basis. It’s also simple and it’s a local purchase. Knowing that, you could have an ongoing campaign as long as you want !


Umanita project was designed to give non-profit organizations the opportunity to sell Barista’s espresso to fund some of their activities and then be able to reach their goals.


Podium program is ideal for athletes of any level wanting to sell Barista’s coffee to finance their different activities. The program has been created to support young athletes in their journey to victory.

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Ambassador program

The ambassador program has been created to support athletes of different levels with diverse funding options.


Roasting process

Barista’s espressos are roasted in Montreal following the Italian tradition. Creating the blends is a rigorous and long process that makes all the difference in the final product.


Mobile espresso bar

The mobile espresso bar is the perfect service to enhance all types of events. It’s a complete and a customizable barista service.